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The Knights of the Holy Rosary of Our Lady of Fatima is an organization of men and women, as well as boys and girls, who seek the salvation and greater sanctification of their souls, and that of others, by following the requests of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, with a special emphasis on a visible public witness to the Catholic Faith and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Holy Rosary. (Women and girls my join as either Dames or Knights of the Holy Rosary).

The term “Knights” is employed in order to emphasize the reality of Spiritual Warfare in which we are engaged: against the spirit of the world, against the disordered appetites of the flesh, and against the Devil. Our weapon of choice is the Rosary, which Our Lady of Fatima repeatedly asked that we pray every day.

The Knights’ motto is “Oratio, Poenitentia, Castitas,” which is Latin for “Prayer, Penance, Chastity.”

The only requirement for membership in the Knights is:

1. A desire to stop sinning;
2. A willingness to observe chastity according to one’s state in life; and
3. A willingness to pray and promote the Holy Rosary.

What distinguishes the Knights of the Holy Rosary from other organizations which promote the message of Fatima and the Rosary is:

1. Its emphasis on a visible public witness to the Rosary, to the Fatima Message, and to the Catholic faith, especially by the wearing of Knights apparel (clothing, patches, etc.) wearing one’s rosary on one’s belt, and/or having other visible signs of one’s affiliation with the Knights. This visible public witness to the Faith is seen as an important antidote and counterweight to the increasing marginalization of religion, especially Catholic belief and practice, in our ever-increasing militantly secular, immoral, and anti–Catholic society and culture. Such witness says, “I’m a Christian, I’m devoted to Mary and the Rosary, and I’m proud of it, and proud to publicly manifest that I am a Knight (or Dame) in the service of the Queen of Heaven.”

2. Its simplicity of organization and inclusivenes, (no required meetings, no dues, no offices).

3. Its various degrees of membership, including Associate (called by the Latin name “Socios”), Militia, and Cavalry (called “Equites”). The Cavalry ride motorcycles. (See Membership)

3. Its promotion of the Catholic faith and prayer, especially the Rosary, through the social contacts one makes on account of one’s visible public witness to the faith and affiliation with the Knights; and through encouraging its members to carry with them whenever possible: blessed Rosaries, as well as Rosary leaflets, Catholic leaflets and booklets, etc. for distribution.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. eternalu says:

    JMJ – God’s blessings to you, Darrell, as your devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, for the love of souls, deepens your understanding of His will for us in this time. I only visited the Ave Maria website out of nostalgia (plus a little curiosity) tonight, and it made me happy to learn about you and your project. I also regularly read and listen to Dr. Chossudovsky (www.rense.com); plus I have discovered that those four years of Latin in high school have come in very handy, now that I’ve become a traditional Catholic (2009). I have just started reading an old book online entitled “The Whole Truth About Fatima”, which goes much deeper into everything.
    Link: http://www.catholicvoice.co.uk/fatima1/
    I have lived a life of chastity, by choice, for 9 years – although I am 60, married for the past 23 years, and childless, to my regret. This is the state of life in which I will remain.
    For many years, I was “a Born Again Christian,” on a serious level, and I qualified as a licensed Pentecostal pastor in Ontario, Canada, taking a variety of religious studies courses through a few different accredited universities. My favorite subject was Church History, and how amazing now to see how Protestantism has imposed such soul-killing censorship!
    Yes, I confess, I am not at all friendly towards the Novus Ordo, for many reasons.
    I realize you may not see this message for some time, if the wordpress site is inactive. But if you want to send an email, it would be welcome.

    • Thank you Cheryl, for writing. In fact, yours is the first Comment on the Knights of the Holy Rosary blog! Congratulations! I hope it will be the first of many when the website officially goes live, hopefully in the next few days even.

      I’ve only read parts of Frere Michel’s 3 Vol work but I hope to go through it before too long since it is a thorough and important work.

      Not only Protestants but also Jews and Freemasons (the latter including mostly the first two) are responsible for the censorship and distortion of history.

      The Novus Ordo is a valid Mass, despite its having less of a vertical and sacred character as the Old Mass, even when it’s celebrated reverently, ad orientem, and with Gregorian Chant. And of course it is much more open to abuse. But when It’s celebrated by a good priest with a good choir singing chant, I like it. I like the Old Mass too.

      I hope you will become a Dame of the Holy Rosary and even help recruit others. Please keep our organization and its apostolate in your prayers.

      Ave Maria!

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